Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekly Strawberry Update

Over the last three days, I estimate that 9,300 pounds of strawberries were picked by u-pickers. That's over 4 1/2 tons! But even with this incredible harvest, at the end of the day Sunday u-pickers were still pulling beautiful flats of berries out of the field. I expect the fields to still be loaded throughout the week, but a gradual trailing off of quantities may begin. With many berries not picked and becoming overripe, the fields will begin to smell like strawberry jam especially when it warms up.

I was pleased this weekend with the number of blog readers who came up to me looking for the special strawberry field. It made me realize that I am being read. After nearly 40 years of writing personal journals, I was the first time that anything that I have written has been read. I have to say it's kind of a personal thrill. But it did also get me wondering where to go with it. Sometimes I want to do simple stuff like publishing my farm to do list once a week. Some might find in interesting, some may find it a complete bore. Perhaps continuing to title the blog entries can help. If a blog says The Farm to do List and you find it's not for you, you can pass it over. Still not sure here and would like some feedback.

At times I want to just report what goes on around the farm without structure. There are so many stories, so many moments.

Weather for the week looks like more of what we have had for the last ten days. Lots of morning clouds. Some breaks of sun. Maybe a little warmer. Maybe some showers mid week and late in the weekend, but nothing serious or organized at this point. Just plain good strawberry weather.

There are few raspberries turning red. Blueberries turning blue, but so far only enough for me and birds to forage. By the weekend it might be better. Let's hope...


Elizabeth said...

Would love to read your to-do lists and other random farm notes. What you do is fascinating to those of us who are not lucky enough to grow wonderful things and share them with others for a living. Thanks for doing what you do!

Charlie said...

I agree that your to-dos and notes about what you're doing would be interesting! Here's a winemaker who does that, & it proves to be great reading: http://www.coffaro.com/diary.html

evil cake lady said...

Yes, I think it would be interesting to read about to do lists and moments on the farm. Just reading your updates keeps me connected to the farm and Sauvie Island even when I can't make it out there!

Leah said...

I got such a kick out of seeing you in person out on the farm (I saw you in the store) and told all my friends that I was with:

"thats farmer Don! I read his blog, I recognize him"

So fun. Too bad I didn't ask where the secret field is :) It was earlier last week and I didn't know that there was one!

kathy said...

We're heading out to the farm tomorrow to get some of those strawberries...can't wait!
Farmer Don, I hope that you realize how important your farm is to so many families, and that you are providing a wonderful place to make family memories that will last a lifetime!

rae ann said...

we ran into you this morning and lamented the grumpy neighbors of your farm and those trying to shut down your summer concerts. i was there with my two dear friends- we all have shaved heads. we had the gaggle of kiddos and you directed us to the secret strawberry field.

i wanted to tell you that i would LOVE to read your to-do lists and anything else you might write. the farm life is fascinating and entertaining.

thanks for the delicious berries today- my jam is the best when it originates in your fields!

David Kilpatrick said...

When are the piglets coming? How is Matilda? Ever consider adding some photos to the blog? A few photos here and there of the berries when they begin ripening might entice even more people to come and pick their own, who knows. Love the blog, and would definitely like to here more about the goings-on at the farm. Great strawberries this year, can't wait for the rest,



Leah said...

Farmer Don - there are a lot of pictures on Flickr from your fans or Kruger farm - you could use them on your blog :)

there is a Kruger flickr group:

and then there are way more pictures that just aren't in this group:

lexus32 said...

Farmer Don,

You should follow the land use restrictions. If not, start a wedding/birthday party business. This land-use issue shouldn't be that bad unless its detrimental to your day-to-day income. Stick to "farming" we all know you aren't a farmer. You didn't act like a farmer when you had your other stores in Portland. The ones that went bankrupt.