Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Strawberry Update

We have officially reached the post-harvest period in our strawberry season. Although the fields are now down to the last 20%, there are still opportunities for wonderful results. It's just that one's approach and mindset need to change. The biggest opportunity is to take advantage of the last berries on a plant. They are often no larger than a fingernail, but they possess the strongest flavor of any berry. My recommendation is to turn these into the finest jam know to mankind. Put it into small jars, treat it like caviar or the finest vintage wine. Call it something like Late Harvest Strawberry Jam. Have fun because to pick these berries is a workout.

The secret "Blog" field will continue to give larger berries through the weekend, but the general public will begin to go there as other fields run out of berries.

This is our big Berry Jam celebration weekend. Despite the forecast, I expect weather breaks throughout the weekend. The background music will be great! I especially like the New Iberians on Father's Day. We will have a big tent left over from a wedding, so there will be weather protection. Please put on your boots and join us for this event.

I am still noticing raspberries and blueberries, but haven't opened the u-pick fields on these berries yet. But I am thinking about a preview day late next week exclusively for the blog readers...

See you at the farm.


David Kilpatrick said...

Don, we did make jam with our recently picked strawberries, and it might sound bold, but it Was the finest strawberry jam i have ever tasted! can't wait to make some raspberry and blueberry jam to complete my collection,

take care of those berries for us,


Ashley said...

A special preview day for the blog reader? I love it. Do we get to have a secret blog reading password? :)

Gardiners said...

Farmer Don,

We were at the farm yesterday (Thursday) night and we have to tell you we loved the family farm experience. Our kids loved it. We are making strawberry jam as we speak and can't wait to try it. We appreciate what you do.


Carol Brooke said...

Hi Don,
My husband is sleeping right now and I'm trying to plan tomorrow. I'd like to bring him to pick berries with our 2 year old daughter and then make him some jam. Will there be any blueberries, cherries or rasberries to pick for Father's Day? What do you think is the best to pick right now?

Cynthia said...

I would love to see a farm to-do list. Great opportunity to teach the kids about what happens there. We've been picking on your farm since my oldest was a toddler (he's 10 now!) and we love it there. Also, a bloggers password would be fun!