Friday, June 26, 2009

Berry Update

It's official. Raspberry season has begun in a big way. All three fields are producing heavily for a big weekend harvest. Except for three tows of an early variety called Malahat, all of our raspberries are the Toulameen variety. Large, strong tasting fruit is the characteristic of this berry. It is the best tasting variety so far. The down side of Toulameen is that is is prone to root rot, but I believe it is worth the trouble.

The cool weather is stretching out strawberries for one last weekend. It has become a hunt, but the rewards are still great.

Blueberries are slowly becoming more plentiful, but the big harvest is still a week away.

I ate by first boysenberry last night, but all of the blackberry varieties seem a week away.

We picked yellow beans Thursday. Our first Blue Lake and French beans will be picked on Sunday. One month early because of our new ground.

The weather this weekend looks beautiful, perfect for berry picking...


David Kilpatrick said...

Don, your raspberries were the Best last year and I look forward to experiencing the joy of picking them again this weekend, and the next, and so on. The farm looks wonderful this year, and we all appreciate your hard work, and of course the work of all your staff.

I love the blog updates!

Anonymous said...

Has the new bridge improved the traffic jams?

ss said...

Hi Don, I and my family are coming for the Sauvie Island Half-Marathon on 4th July. The marathon starts at 7 am and I plan to finish it by 9:30.

My family would love to come in to your farm in the 2 hours from 7 to 9.
Will you please open it for berry picking early on July 4th?

Farmer Don said...

No Traffic Problems

Last year, after the new bridge opened, we had no traffic problems on the island. Even on the busiest sunny October days, you just drive right off...

Farmer Don