Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weather Woes!

If you think the weather is bad for you -- try farming it!   (See my before and after photos of our tomato planting to the right) 

I have had many challenges  since taking over the farm 10 years ago. But none is greater then what has gone on this spring. I was suspicious early when we had the surprising mild winter related to the El Nino effect. In '05 we had we had a similar pattern, mild winter until mid March with 12"of rain in April and May of '05 . But this
 year it's worse-- at least in '05 June returned to normal. This year June has brought on record rain and cold temperatures.  To add insult to injury here, yesterday June 16th set a record   minimum, maximum for the day, 59 degrees -- previous record 61 degrees.  And to continue pouring it on - an upper level low is locking in off the coast sending us spurts of moisture over the foreseeable future.  

The state of the farm today -- June 17th. 

Strawberry fields still have potential.  A little break on Friday could reopen the fields for a strong harvest this weekend.  This will be the peak strawberry weekend.  Strawberry season will stretch out through July 4th because of this cool weather. 

Raspberries are breaking loose for a good harvest this weekend.  There are possibilities of opening up our u-pick raspberries but I'm unsure when that will happen.

Blueberries show great potential.  The bushes are loaded.  We will get some for the store.  U-pick opens June 24th.  

Lots of peas this weekend and into the future.  Other fields continue to grow.  Because we have some higher ground we were able to get in  some plantings. But, things are growing slowly except for the weeds which seem to like this weather.

Through all of the difficulties, I try to remain optimistic.  This too will pass and our  summer will be great.  Remember Northwest folklore "Summer doesn't begin until July 15th."  

One last note.  When I start to have weather worries I think to myself "I could have a beach front resort in the Gulf."  Let's hope for a solution to that environmental disaster.      



Kim said...

Thanks for the update. I have been wondering if I could still pick strawberries or if the weather ruined them all.

Also, is the u-pick opening day for blueberries supposed to read July 4th?

Farmer Don said...

You're right Kim. I've fixed the typo and blueberry season will most-likely open on June 24th.

Portlandlynn said...

Sorry to hear it's been such a challenge this year. Makes my being stuck inside with three kids under three seem like a piece of strawberry layer cake compared to my livelihood depending on the weather. We plan on coming out today to pick the few leftover strawberries and eat some dirt.