Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring on the Farm

Strawberry Update
The cold wet weather has slowed strawberry ripening somewhat. But overall the timing of our season looks similar to last year. This weekend there might be a scattering of berries in the fields -- a possible treasure hunt for those who just can't wait. For the serious strawberry picker, it could be a time to scout out your favorite field. I also think it's a good time to bring children to the fields so they can watch the progress of the season each week.

The early indicators in the fields look good. There is a good fruit set and still lots of blossoms. The timing of this wet and cold weather is not a concern as the berries are still green. It actually may help give us larger berries. Rot issues are probably not a factor yet, but we do need a dry-out which may come on Memorial Day weekend.

So what this all means is that our first strawberries will be ripe Memorial Day weekend with the best picking from June 5 through June 25th. This, of course, is an estimate. Check back here for updates. The photo on the right was taken last week.

Peonies Please
One of the great flowers of the year is beginning to bloom. The season lasts only 2-3 weeks. So get them while you can.

We have 5 plantings. By Memorial Day weekend we should be picking a plenty.

We will begin picking our first lettuce this weekend.

Squash Breaking Ground
I took this photo of my squash seeds pushing through the crusted-over earth. It was a "wow" moment for me.

The farm has never looked better. Some of these mixed showery days are great opportunities to see the farm with stunning clouds and color shows -- especially at sunset. Come out and walk the farm at dusk and you'll find yourself in virtual solitude.


Swamps said...

are your strawberries organic?


David Kilpatrick said...

i can't wait to get out and enjoy the beautiful farm this year, and to read more of your blog updates. i love reading about the farm, and i think you and your staff are fantastic individuals.