Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Perfect Storm?

I looks like a fairly organized storm front with a tropical component could give us some heavy rain overnight and showers tomorrow. The amount should be enough to soak the farm with natural irrigation ahead of a strong warm dry out this weekend. The timing of this weather pattern seems perfect for the strawberry bloom which should be at a peak in a few days. (Strawberry lovers rejoice, it takes about one month from the bloom until we are eating ripe berries.)

I've had a life-time interest in the weather. When I was eight years-old living in Los Angeles, I was fascinated by a series of storms that flooded the area. I began keeping weather charts and measured rain in a glass with a ruler. My career as a farmer has taken my weather interest to a new level. Each morning I review the National Weather Service discussion page (a technical analysis of weather patterns). Then I go to the Weather-Underground site for a review of local and regional radar. I combine all of this with my personal understanding of how the patterns play out, add a little advice from Matt Zafino, and suddenly I have the day's weather all figured out (I think).

We are closing in on our first peas and lettuce --- maybe Memorial Day weekend. Right now we still have a lot of rhubarb and arugula from the greenhouses.

Hot items in the store:
Baby avocados -- 3 for $1 -- great value, great taste, little seeds.
Corn from California. Not inexpensive, but well worth the price.

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