Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring on the Farm

It's spring on the farm. With baby chickens, a pregnant pig and lots of plowing and planting. Just yesterday, we planted 35,000 new strawberry plants. I've leased 80 adjacent acres of land and am very excited about the prospects of farming this higher and less compact ground.

The farm is opening this weekend, with an easter egg hunt and a first-look at spring on the farm. Of course, we'll have our normal store filled with the tastiest produce you can find. Visit my website for more information on the festivities.

I'm back to the tractor. The sun's shining, so I'm plowing...


Gardiners said...

You don't know me butI am so excited that Farmer Don posted on the blog!!! We will be down this weekend and we can't wait!!! Thanks for keeping us posted.

Rebekah Gardiner
Longview, WA

k said...

Hey, Farmer Don - I am dying to know what happened with the currants?
I hope you are enjoying the solitude on the tractor.