Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome to my blog. I'm looking forward to sharing my daily thoughts on life on my farm. So far, it's been an exciting year. Our berry harvest this season was just huge and there are still many wonderful and tasty berries out in the fields. Our caneberries (blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries and marionberries) are winding up, but there are plenty of blueberries available for u-pick.

Just yesterday, my wife planted a few currant plants on the farm. Apparently, they were smuggled out of Finland in the mid 1970's by her father's cousin. Anyway, the family has been propagating the plants for years and we've added them to the end of one of our blueberry patches. If they survive the move, we'll have just a handful of currants next year.

Look back here for updates on the farm life....

Don Kruger


marci357 said...

Black, red, or white currants? I had a good crop of red currants this year. Well, I THINK I had a good crop, but the grandkids kept eating them before I could get enough gathered for jelly :) My black currents will take another year to mature.

Enjoyed finding your blog! Nice to compare how things are growing back on Sauvie Island (where I used to live and work for you...) and Tillamook, where I returned home.

Nana said...

Hello Farmer Don:
We found your delightful blog when looking for a unique wedding site for our son & his future bride...
Is it true that you have a place for weddings on your farm? Please let us know who we should contact if this is true (which we hope it is)
We love coming to your farm each fall, but our son's bride to be wants a March wedding at a farm???
Is this possible in Oregon?
Please advise.
Liz Jordan
AKA - Mother of the Groom

sifugregg said...

Nice to see you blog, Don. Used to live at the Mayfair Moorage, and enjoyed stopping by to buy plants, vegetables and fruit!

Keep it up, please!