Friday, August 22, 2008

The rain has significantly shifted the farm season. First it stopped irrigation, giving us the chance to catch up on our weeding of the strawberry fields. It frees up labor for that effort. The problem sometimes with rain in the Northwest is that, when you open the window, it sometimes doesn't stop. We are experiencing that a little of that this week. Overall, the rain seems like a benefit and it should make for a wonderful weekend of weather.

Farm harvesting this weekend is as follows:

  • Corn -- The spectacular Bodacious variety will be available through Saturday. If you like a corn that is more traditional (not "injected" with sugar) this is the one. We are also picking a variety called Peaches and Cream.
  • Tomatoes -- The first good pick this weekend.
  • Cucumbers -- We will be picking a great new field.
  • Shell Beans -- Big harvest this weekend.
  • Blue Lake Beans -- A new field will be picked this weekend.
Last night's concert was sparsely attended, but the evening was just beautiful with wonderful sunbreaks and a great sunset.

Farmer Don